About Us

Charlene's Place was created to share the experience of two sisters who come from a very large family who reconnected once their mother passed. The older sister had worked in healthcare for over 30 years, and the younger sister was disabled. She had worked with special programs for people like her in the past. The family tried to allow her to live her own life by living in an assisted living facility, but little did they know she would not be able to live this type of life at this point. There was something missing. The older sister decided she was not receiving the best care and brought the younger sister to live with her. She began routine tests and check-ups to see what her medical diagnosis could be. After tests and further doctor examinations, the nature of her disability is finally revealed. She was diagnosed with Dandy Walker Syndrome. Over the previous years, family members never asked, they just knew she was different. Her mother never discussed it. Her parents took care of her the best that they could until their passing.

The responsibility of caring for someone disabled can bring hardships, various emotions, anger, bitterness, greed, and many other negative reactions. This leads to BROKENNESS. There are many broken families in this world. This causes family members to disengage, and act as spectators and not the support system the family needs. Sometimes we get to the point to say: DON’T ASK MY FAMILY, THEY ARE SPECTATORS!

Nonetheless, this situation also created a bond that no other could understand. For these two sisters, the last two of this large family understood each other. They were the last two left at home when they were younger, and now they have been brought back together for such at time as this. This time created an opportunity to build a relationship, trust, and love that is unmeasurable. Through all their trials, the Lord could not have been stronger within their laughter, their tears, and the time they spend together. The goal for the older sister is to open a facility for people just like her baby sister called Charlene’s Place. This will be a place where disabled individuals meeting conditions like her baby sister would have access to nice living quarters, recreational facilities, movie theaters, nutrition education and physical activities, nutritionist, dietitians, doctors, and nurses.

Thank you for visiting our page, and we look forward to providing products and services that meet your needs.